Film Appearances

Film Role Director
“Finding Home” Supporting Nick Westfall
“The Body Sculptor”  Principal  Joe Thomas
“2-11” Supporting Brick Jackson
“Harker: The Awakening” Supporting Paul-Thomas L. Parnel
“Partners” Supporting  Jesse H. Knight
“One Church” Principal Bill Rahn
“Virtuous” Principal Bill Rahn
“Shifter” Lead James Costa
“The Strange & Unusual”  Supporting Anil Dhokai
“The Hollow Oak” Supporting Chris Maney
“Finders Keepers” Supporting Timothy Woodward Jr.
“Blackout” Principal Matthew Hacker
“CRUSH” Principal Antwon Tanner
“Pendulum Swings” Principal Bill Rahn
“Strawberry Wine” Principal James Seppelfrick
“Half Empty” Principal Troy Carlton
“Savage” Supporting Jordan Blum
“The Jailhouse” Supporting Billy Lewis
“Port City” Principal Andrew Brown
“Butchered” Principal Shaun O’Rourke
“April Fool’s Day” Principal The Butcher Brothers
“Eyeborgs” Supporting Richard Claughberg
“Country Remedy” Supporting Andrew C. Erin
“El Camino” Supporting Erik S. Weigel
“The Artifact” Lead Mike Roberts
“Last Confederate Soldier” Supporting A. Blaine Miller
“Tattered Angel" Supporting Duffy Hudson
“Ball of Wax” Supporting Daniel Kraus
“Ding-a-ling-less” Supporting Onur Tukel
“Freedom Song” Featured Phil A. Robinson
“Fearsome” Lead Anghus Houvourous
Retribution” Lead Steven Zellers
“Takedown” Featured Joe Chappelle
“The Last Summer” Supporting Jon Landau
“Four the Roses” Principal David Wade
“Star Wars: Sins of the Jedi” Principal Tony Colucci

Television Appearances

Television Show Role  Network
“Secrets & Lies” Recurring (3 episodes season 1) ABC
“FBI Undercover” Principal Investigation Discovery
“American Genius” Principal National Geographic
“Realm”  Series Regular
“It’s Supernatural” Principal TBN
“Scorned: Love Kills” Principal Discovery ID
“Under The Dome”  Day Player  CBS
“Revolution” (season 1) Recurring  NBC
“Whittaker Bay” (season One – 13 eps)  Series Regular  WGN SuperStation
“Nuestro Barrio” (season One)  Series Regular  V-ME (NBC Espanol)
“Birdies”  Recurring  Pilot
“IQ-145” (pilot) Dayplayer  Sy-Fy Channel
“Combat Jump”  Lead (Col.James Gavin)  History Channel
Another World” (final season)  Guest Star  NBC Daytime
“Darktales” (pilot)  Supporting  Sy-Fy Channel
“Students vs. School Violence”  Principal  PBS
“Day That Shook World: Pearl Harbor”  Principal BBC/History – Ch.1/Lion Films (London UK)
“Day That Shook World: Lincoln Assas.” Principal BBC/History – Ch.1/Lion Films (London UK)


Lots of them. Conflicts by request.

Special Skills

EXCELLENT TELEPROMPTER SKILLS, 15-year broadcast TV news anchor & reporter (local & national), weathercaster, radio news and music DJ, voice-overs (Basso Profundo voice,) certified SCUBA diver, CPR certified, English/Western horseback rider (intermediate), school teacher, basic law enforcement training, shotgun & handgun proficient, Medical Society Internship, knowledgeable in ER and operating room procedures, ear prompter proficient, dialects: British, Southern, Native New Yorker.